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Handmade leather accessories with fake wood textures

Wood Grain Patterns - Handmade leather accessories with fake wood textures - Moxie and Oliver

Part of what makes the Moxie and Oliver line so innovative is the treatment of the leather - we treat it just a little bit like wood, and the end result can actually have a bit of a wood look to it.  This is especially true when the pattern is a faux bois (or "fake wood") pattern!  The first in this family was actually the Blaise, not designed to be a faux bois but after so many customers referring to it as the "wood grain" pattern, it has rightfully earned its place in this family. Then came the Burl and the Feng Shui, both of which are variations on the style of Blaise but with a little curve.  Then the more direct representations came, with the Knotty pattern and the Nice pattern.  Knotty has little bits of wood grain scattered throughout, and the Nice has a full wood grain carved into the leather, with a little heart hidden in one of the knots. 

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Guitar Strap

Bifold Wallet

Trifold Wallet

Mandolin Strap

Guitar Strap

Passport Wallet

Large Purse Wallet

1.5" Belt

Guitar Strap

1.5" Belt

Guitar Strap

Clutch Wallet

Bifold Wallet

Guitar Strap

Kindle Case

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